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K. V. Sreerama Murthy
Bhaskaran (Vasu) Jagadeesan
   Dr. K. V. Sreerama Murthy

Sreeram completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Regional Engineering College , Allahabad . He then got a Masters in technology in CS from the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. He moved to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore , USA to get a PhD in Data Mining and Machine Learning in 1995.

Other than the 4-yr research work done at Johns Hopkins, Sreeram worked for over 11 years in the United States and India . He worked in Fortune-50 enterprises such as IBM, Siemens and Westinghouse. Through his 15-year career, he has focused on applying data mining, machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to a variety of domains.

Finding patterns in Hubble Space Telescope images, to automatically form mega-catalogs of celestial objects was Sreeram's PhD work. The software he designed and developed is used till today in scores of countries. His paper on the topic continues to be in the top-50 most cited papers in the whole field of Machine Learning.

At Siemens, Sreeram applied data mining to medical image understanding, to build smarter imaging equipment, and for computer aided diagnosis. He built quantitative models of tumors and tissue; six United States patents have been issued for this work. The software Sreeram and his team developed powers commercial Siemens equipment.

Sreeram worked actively with IBM's Research labs in India and USA . He contributed to projects in user profiling, fraud detection, intelligent image searching, biometric security, e-governance, on-demand computing and online auctions. This work resulted in three US patents. IBM recognized Sreeram's people management skills, by promoting him from a Research Scientist to a Project Leader to a Senior Manager, in-charge of 1/3 rd of the whole India Research lab.

Sreeram quit IBM to become the technology head at Globarena, a startup venture in e-learning and digital security. He designed novel products, helped get $2 million funding, built a team of 150, and produced over a million lines of commercial product code. Over 60,000 customers in India and abroad used these products. 9 patent applications and 3 papers have been produced at Globarena.

In Dec 2004, Sreeram co-founded Teqnium Consultancy Services, where he currently serves as Chairman & Managing Director. Focus areas include business intelligence, data mining and storage optimization, in vertical domains like logistics, health informatics and banking.




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